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Brand Spirits

We always us high quality brand spirits to guarantee your perfect cocktail experience and a fantastic taste.


Fresh Fruits

All our fruits we use for cocktails are daily fresh. We never use any fruits out of the can or even frozen fruits.


Secret Skills

Only our barkeeper has the magic of our cocktails. With his secret skills we will surprise you with every drink you order.


This pretty drink with layers of orange juice and grenadine is delicious on a hot day. The fact that the ratio of juice to tequila is high makes it a good choice for a brunch cocktail.

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Tequila and orange juice Tequila Sunrise

Compounded of rum, gin, brandy, and porter. Innocent as it looks, refreshing as it tastes, it has the property of increasing rather than allaying thirst, and so once it has made a breach, soon demolishes the whole fort.

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Strawberry and rum Hangman's Blood

Shandy is beer mixed with a soft drink, such as carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or apple juice or orange juice.

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north drink Shandy

A mixture cocktail of gin, triple sec, tequila, orange juice, sour mix and grapefruit juice. Perfect for the hot summer.

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Sambuca and ice Brass Monkey

The Zombie, (also known as skull-puncher), is a great and tasty cocktail made of fruit juices, liqueurs, and various rums.

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Gin and water Zombie

The Buck's Fizz is an alcoholic drink made of two parts orange juice to one part Champagne. Some older recipes list grenadine as an additional ingredient.

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Ice and ment Buck's Fizz

The Bay Breeze is a cocktail which has a Cape Codder as its base. This drink is also sometimes called a Downeaster or Hawaiian Sea Breeze.

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Fruit pieces Bay Breeze

The Kamikaze is made of equal parts vodka, triple sec and lime juice. According to the International Bartenders Association, it is served straight up in a cocktail glass.

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whiskey and apple juice Kamikaze

Legend has it that Sir Winston Churchill liked his Martinis served without the vermouth actually being added to the drink, just present in the same room.

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Vodka and pineapple Churchill